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11 questions I’ll ask myself before building any startup

I started working on a startup not knowing or ever heard about the word called startup in my life. That was year 2012 when I started working for Afripals Network, a mobile social networking platform started by some students of Michael Okpara University Umudike.
Unlike most of my mates, I entered the Startup world quite early with my first stints at Afripals. I’ll later work with the guys at Gravantech some months later before I finally had the effrontery to dare build my own startup. So far, it’s been a wonderful adventure.
During Startup Weekend Abia 2016, I saw myself surrounded by my fellow youths who are startup founders, developers, designers and enthusiasts; all with different motivation and mindset behind their work. During that weekend, I was able to network with a good number of them and of course learn strong business lessons I have never experienced in my life before.

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My Experience In Building A Saas Using WordPress

No doubt, one will agree with me that the cloud has changed the way the world does business, and changed age old models that have been employed. It’s a brave new world in the cloud, and businesses are flocking to it. Startups are not left out in this trend too.
SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model representing how big the game in the cloud really is. Interestingly, more businesses are moving to SaaS model. Little wonder about much a better way to launch your service by utilizing the power of WordPress – the most popular content management system in the world.
SaaS with WordPress can be used in creating services for WordPress-enabled websites, or it can use WordPress as a platform to create an entirely different service.

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