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11 questions I’ll ask myself before building any startup

I started working on a startup not knowing or ever heard about the word called startup in my life. That was year 2012 when I started working for Afripals Network, a mobile social networking platform started by some students of Michael Okpara University Umudike.
Unlike most of my mates, I entered the Startup world quite early with my first stints at Afripals. I’ll later work with the guys at Gravantech some months later before I finally had the effrontery to dare build my own startup. So far, it’s been a wonderful adventure.
During Startup Weekend Abia 2016, I saw myself surrounded by my fellow youths who are startup founders, developers, designers and enthusiasts; all with different motivation and mindset behind their work. During that weekend, I was able to network with a good number of them and of course learn strong business lessons I have never experienced in my life before.

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