Well, 17th February marked my one year anniversary as a Fearless Netpreneur!

Fearless Netpreneur

Fearless Netpreneur

It was on that very date in 2017 that my father and teacher Dr. Ope Banwo enlisted me into the Netpreneur360 cartel. It’s been a meritorious and marvelous journey so far.
About this post, it’s not about me, it’s about him, his grace, and his belief in young people, his tenacity for raising giants and his love for empowering people.

Dr Ope Banwo

Dr. Ope Banwo

After his Netpreneur Incubation during Startup Weekend Abia 2016. He graciously granted each and every participant of that training scholarship at American Internet Business School. I was a beneficiary too. What an amazing man!

He went ahead to provide a remote work opportunity for people interested in working for him and that is where it all began.
When he offered me the golden opportunity of working with him on the grounds of believing in me as a millennial that can achieve anything, he made a promise which he has over delivered. He promised to turn me into a star within one year, only that he didn’t mention that I was going to be an international super star. In less than 6 months, he has already fulfilled that promise and kept on working on me to achieve more. He has made it possible for me to work on high profile international projects used by foreigners and even availed me an opportunity to work on a project that will transform Africa and I look back and my heart is filled with appreciation.

Truthfully, working with an intellectual genius like Dr. Ope Banwo spurred me through various intellectual development cutting across capacity building, skills enhancement and professional refinement. He graciously availed me lifelong knowledge and mindset no teacher has ever mentioned to me, ethics that has continuously improved my psychomotor performance and professional models that defined my individual brand. I am grateful sir.

Throughout this one year, he has shown me nothing else, but the love a father can show his dear son. His kind words and encouragement instilled in me the sense of a strong connection between us. And when I misbehave or ‘disappear’ as he usually put it, he comes hard after me. Lol. His love don’t have anything to do with his projects.
But…I found in him a brave and courageous goal-getter and battle hardened champion. He conquers anywhere he sets his foot on and leave his imprint there. Is it his profession Law where he is certified up to Ph.D level? Is it in entertainment? Or Digital Marketing? Or Business? Or education? He’s simply a ‘Fearless’ Conqueror!

His values and code of conducts he generously shared with me to establish a standard of living for myself and empower my intellect. Never to take whatever life has for me but to go and get whatever I want in my life. This formed the basis of my Netpreneurhood. To be fearless and conquer my world.
All these while, he may not know but I know, his fatherly love and trust in me I endear so much within me, his kindness and support I truly appreciate, his encouragement and teaching I value so much, his examples and lessons I embossed in my heart.

…and here’s to him a proud son!

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